This site is one that is going to take music lovers back to a time that has a fond place in their hearts, a time of so called golden oldies. During the 50s the music had an entirely different tone to it, and was made and performed by a grand selection of artists, some of which worked as solo performers while others worked in groups.

The lyrics played a very important role in the music of that era, that would range from pop to jazz to country and western. As it is today there was something for everybody back then as well.

Throughout the posts on this site you will read about the different artists and some of their trials, tribulations and success. Some are now enjoying their retirement in today’s world while others have passed on.

Even for those who were as yet around in the 50s when they are exposed to the music of that era they build an appreciation for it. Iconic names that hit the charts then are still fondly remembered today.

Listening to the music of the 50s today is truly a blast from the past. For some of the young ones today the mention of names like Jo Stafford, Frankie Laine or Guy Mitchell mean nothing to them. However, if they happen to get the chance to listen to some of the tunes that they were famous for back in the day, it soon grabs their attention.

One name that perhaps still keeps the 50s alive today in the minds of even those too young to actually remember him is the King himself, Elvis Presley.