guy-mitchellGuy Mitchell is the only child of two immigrants from Yugoslavia that lived in Detroit Michigan where he was born on February 22, 1927, and was named Albert George Cernik. Through the 1950s, his music became very popular in the UK as well as the US and Australia. As a testament to his popularity throughout his career, he was noted for selling 6 million singles and records totaling 44 million.

In the early part of his career, while working on getting himself known, he worked as a saddle maker and then he was originally hired by Martin to make up part of his band. He really didn’t get noticed in the music industry until 1950 when he got recognized by Mitch Miller.

Some of the most famous songs that Guy is known for are:

  • My Heart Cries For You
  • The Same Old Me
  • Singing the Blues
  • Rock-a-Billy
  • Heart Aches by the Number

While all of these were very well received, he was probably best known for his biggest hit Singing the Blues. He really hit it off in the UK in 1952 with “Feet Up (Pat Him on the Po-Po”), She Wears Red Feathers. Then in 1953, it was Look at That Girl, Chick a Boom, Cloud Lucky Seven, Sippin Soda as well as several others.

Although his music career seemed to be one that had a long success story associated with it, perhaps in his personal relationships not as much success was garnered, as it is indicated he was married three times throughout his life span.

Guy also served a stint in the military, but if one goes back in history beyond his noted years of his singing, they will recall that he was signed by Warner Bros. pictures when he was only 11 years old to be a child star.

Guy’s life came to an end on July 1, 1999, when he passed away due to complications of surgery for cancer.