elvis-presley-the-king-of-rock-and-rollNo one can write a review of the most iconic music stars of the 1950s, whether in the UK or the world without including Elvis Presley as one of the key contributors of this era. Elvis was born on January 8, 1935 in Tupelo, Mississippi. His career in music really began to take off in the year 1954 when he soon gained recognition for being a pop rock star that had the ability to create a most unique enthusiasm that spread across all age group and all genders.

His first film debut was Love Me Tender which took place in 1956 where he gained the love and respect and following of many fans, and really created fan frenzy. For a period of time, this was short lived as he ended up having to enter military service in 1958. However, after what seemed a long two years to his fans, he returned to music after leaving the military.

In the beginning of his career, when Elvis was asked as to what kind of music he produced, he would respond with “all kinds”, and as it is well known, Elvis had a voice like noone else. His first record cuttings which included “I’ll Never Stand in your Way”, and It Wouldn’t Be the Same Without You’, really didn’t create much of a stir.

Getting his career on the road to success was a rocky one in the beginning and during this time, while making efforts to do so, he took on a job as a truck driver and would do a few local gigs. If one were to really look at what was the pivotal point to get Elvis started, it was probably his rendition of “That’s All Right’, which impressed Sam Phillips of the Sun label recordings enough to take a second look at him.

The rest is history noting that he passed away in August 1977, but there is no doubt that the king of music lives on and will definitely continue to do so.