the-great-stargazers-of-the-1950sWhile there was no shortage of single artists entertaining the UK public, one cannot forget about the many iconic groups that the UK has produced over the years, and one of them was Stargazers. They originally came into existence in 1949, and rapidly became one of the leading British vocal groups during the 1950s.

While the majority of the music that they produced was well received, they were most noted for their hit singles released in the 1950s. They gained recognition for “Broken Wings” and this was especially important because it not only topped the UK singles chart but was also noted as the first recording by a British group to do so. Among their collections of music that was so well loved was “I See the Moon” and “Finger of Suspicion” you.

Something else that they can add to their list of success is that New Musical Express readers voted the Stargazers as the most popular vocal group for five consecutive years.

This group was originally formed by Cliff Adams and Ronnie Milne. Among their members were Marie Benson, Fred Datchler and Dick James. Although Dick was only with them for a short time as he made the decision to strike out on his own, so this left the group with needing a replacement which happened to be Bob Brown.

Later on, Ronnie also decided to leave the group because he wanted to move to Canada and his replacement was Dave Carey. Although the group was well known for standing on their own and creating their own fan following, they also got involved with being backup vocalists and were well recognized in this position for Petulia Clark.

The UK certainly enjoyed a great mix of different types of music as well as artists. It was impressive that Stargazers fit in so well during this era and provided loved entertainment. For those that love the golden oldies, they can enjoy this while at the same time engaging in some all british casino activities that are packed with entertainment.